WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


You’ve likely heard about the Puff Bar disposable vape device before. It’s the go-to device helping former smokers around the world stay away from cigarettes. It’s stepping in to fill the needs made by recent changes to e-cig legislation for vapers throughout the United States. But who makes Puff Bar? Everyone wants to know the mastermind team behind the latest craze in the world of electronic cigarettes. Where did the Puff Bar team come from and where do they plan to go from here?

It isn’t easy to quit smoking and electronic cigarettes haven’t always been the simplest thing in the world to pick up. The roadblocks to vaping make the process of quitting smoking even more frustrating.

The Puff Bar team noticed these common challenges experienced by those trying to switch from cigarettes to vaping. They looked for simple solutions to the biggest roadblocks to make the transition process smoother. Thus, the original idea for Puff Bar was born.

The team was small at the time worked hard to build a brand new device from the ground up. They insisted on offering something creative to consumers that solved their most common complaints. After months of trial and error, Puff Bar came to life in Los Angeles, CA.

Today the Puff Bar team consists of more than 100 people working together from around the world. It continues to expand into an increasingly larger group of people working tirelessly to bring customers the best disposable vape device available on the market.


A company is worth nothing if it isn’t built on a solid foundation with a clear direction. Puff Bar was founded with two core values in mind: simplicity, and values.

Simplicity refers to the ease of use that Puff Bar strives for. The disposable vape device is about as easy as you can get. It’s one single unit that requires no piecing parts together, refilling any tiny tanks, or charging any batteries. There’s no fumbling around or troubleshooting. Simply pull out your Puff Bar, take a puff, and continue with your day.

Value is important because smoking cigarettes is not a cheap habit. Making the switch should be a budget-friendly one as well. Some of the older electronic cigarettes cost upwards of $100 to invest in a simple setup. That’s a high price tag to try something new! The Puff Bar always insists on offering value to its customers.


Now that you know more about the team who makes Puff Bar, where is Puff Bar made? There are a few different teams from around the world who come together to bring the device to life. The four parts of Puff Bar are split down into design, production, flavor development, and distribution.

All Puff Bar products are designed in Los Angeles in sunny Southern California. From the original Puff Bar to the Puff Bar Plus to the next thing the team has up their sleeve, all devices are designed here in the United States.Production
Puff Bar production takes place in China using only the highest ISO 9001 standards available. Quality control is an imperative part of the process to ensure customers receive only the best products with the lowest possible defect rates.

Flavor Development
Puff Bar flavor takes place in our mixing labs in Malaysia with a team that specializes in creating the purest, truest taste available. If you’ve tried one of the more than 20 Puff Bar flavors available, you know the incredible amount of work that goes into our flavor development. 

Once the Puff Bars arrive from our production warehouse, the distribution process takes place in Los Angeles as well. And though the Puff Bar team calls LA home, they’re far from limited to Southern California. Devices made their way into the hands of former smokers across the United States and around the world. Puff Bar’s impact extends far outside its home base.

Ready to Make the Switch?
Now that you know who makes Puff Bar it’s time to test the Puff Bar difference. Try out the incredible disposable vape device that everyone is talking about and see for yourself. There’s no way you’ve ever used an easier e-cig than a Puff Bar, no matter how long you’ve been in the game.

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